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Our Philosophy

Nothing could represent the white air philosophy, experiences and thoughts better than these excerpts taken from the book “Loosing My Virginity” of the British entrepreneur Richard Branson.

“First and foremost, any business proposal has to sound fun. If there is a market that is just served by two giant corporations, it appears to me that there’s room for some healthy competition. As well as having fun, I love stirring the pot. I love giving big companies a run for their money- especially if they’re offering expensive, poor-quality products.”

“Whenever I see people getting a bad deal, I want to step in and do something about it. Of course, this is not pure altruism- there’s a profit to be made, too. But the difference is that I’m prepared to share more of the profit with the customer so that we’re both better off.”

“The vision I have for Virgin does not run along the orthodox lines of building up a company with a vast head office and a pyramid of command from a central board of directors.”

“For us, our employees matter most. It seems common sense to me that, if you start off with a happy, well-motivated workforce, you’re much more likely to have happy customers. And in due course the resulting profits will make your shareholders happy.”

“When I think about which services I want to offer on Virgin Atlantic, I try to whiteair whether my family and I would like to buy them for ourselves. Quite often it’s as simple as that.”

“´He says that Virgin is BA’s number-one enemy and that … they set up a special team to undermine you.´”

“Nobody would think (they) could ever feel threatened by a tiny airline like Virgin Atlantic.”

“British Airways (announced it) would stop its annual donations to the Conservative Party. In the past (they) had helped them to secure various privileges…
If an airline in Nigeria gave money and free air tickets to the ruling party in return for being granted a monopoly, it would be scored in the West as being blatantly corrupt. Ít´s impossible to do business in Africa!´ people would retort. ´Look at the Nigerians: they´re so damned corrupt!´”

“First of all we were told there were no check-in desks available. When I walked around Terminal 3 I saw a whole line of empty check-in desks. ´Who are those?´I asked. ´British Airways,´ came the answer. British Airways refused to subrent them to us when they weren’t using them.”

“´You obviously have BA worried! I received a call from BA asking why I booked on a Virgin Atlantic flight today rather than BA. Good job! Good luck!´”

“As always in life, it is not the ordinary people in the country who get in the way. It’s a handful of politicians at the top who selfishly make their country and this world a sadder place to live.”

Read the complete autobiography of Richard Branson. Order a copy of “Loosing My Virginity” here.

See also our section “Charity” for information on white air’s support for Virgin’s charity organization Virgin Unite.

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