Whiteairlines.com is a demo website of an airline booking system. These are examples flights, which you can not book for real. For more information visit Webfactory Bulgaria

Working at white air is still the same fun and challenge as it was more than a year ago when we started to work together.

But one thing has changed. After the illegal closure of our first company white air express, we have been fighting hard to come back. Now, in co-operation with the tour operator Vakanzia and whiteair marketing under the brand of "white air", the same crew is back, serving you again with the best fares on the market.

As we had to fight a lot for it, we consider ourselves being the price fighters. And as a result of this, our uniforms have changed.

Competitors, be aware: We are back to fight for the lowest fares on the Balkans. But again: All passengers deserve not only the lowest fares and reliable comfortable flights - but a warm smile, too.

team bulgaria
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