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• How can I make a reservation? Answer
• Can I change the date of the flight or the passanger in an existing reservation? Answer
• Does white air offer discounts for students and pensioners? Answer

• How is the registration with e-tickets realized? Answer
• When do I have to be on the airport? Answer
• Can I reserve an exact place in the airplane? Answer
• Can I reserve a two-way ticket with opened date? Answer
• How can I reserve a ticket at lowest price? Answer
• Can children travel without a companion? Answer
• What is the dead-line to reserve a ticket? Answer
• Can you inform me about each special offer? Answer
• Can the travel start from an airport abroad? Answer
• Are the two-way tickets cheaper than one-ways? Answer
• If I miss my flight, will the amount of my registration be refunded? Answer
• If I can't use my ticket, will the amount of my registration be refunded? Answer
• Are there airport taxes for animals? Answer
• How many cigarette boxes and how much alcohol can I bring with me? Answer
• What do I have to do, if my lugguage is lost or damaged? Answer
• What documents do I need for flying with white air? Answer
• Can pregnant women travel with white air? Answer
• Can I take my pet with me? Answer
• I haven't received confirmation for the reservation? Answer
• Do you offer food and drinks and are they paid? Answer
• How much lugguage can I bring with me? Answer
• Is smoking allowed on the board? Answer
• How can I pay my reservation? Answer
• What do I have to do, if the money transfer is late and reservation is cancelled? Answer
• What are the travel conditions for people with disabilities? Answer

• Can I check the status of my reservation? Answer
• Can the time of the flight be changed or cancelled? Answer


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