Whiteairlines.com is a demo website of an airline booking system. These are examples flights, which you can not book for real. For more information visit Webfactory Bulgaria

We have tried to keep our general conditions as short as possible. Please make sure to read them carefully. If you do not fully understand or agree with these conditions you are not allowed to process a booking.



For more detailed information or answers on questions look up our FAQ page here.

Our fares
white air offers fares from € 8,- to members and from € 28,- to non-members. The maximum fare never exceeds € 88.
All fares are quoted one-way and exclude passenger taxes which range from € 7 to € 23 on our current routes. The actual and applicable fares are listed online. Click here to find the best offer.

Last Minute bookings
Only registered members are entitled to make a booking 4 days or less prior to a flights departure. Register on time if you plan to book your flight short notice! Click here to register now.

Reservations can be made via our call center, with travel agencies, via our website or in one of our travel stores.
For reservations you do yourself on our website no service charge applies.
For reservations done by phone, thru a travel agency or in one of our travel stores a service charge of € 2,50 per passenger and way will be charged.

Members take advantage of our preferred member fares which are offered on some flights or dates. Besides lower fares on certain flights our members receive discounts in selected hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. Click here to see a list of the benefits of a membership. The membership registration enables us to have a secured profile of the passenger. Before booking a flight fare for members you have to be registered and the membership has to be approved. It will be approved after the payment of the membership fee is received. The membership fee is currently € 18 for a period of 6 months from the date of approval. The membership fee can not be refunded under any circumstances. You can register as a member via our website only. Click here to register. Due to the secure one-click booking facility, members can only book themselves thru our website. Bookings thru the call-center, travel agencies or in our travel stores are not possible. Due to the one-click booking facility for members, only adults can sign up for a membership. Please note that members can only process bookings for themselves and the members name is not editable.

Infants up to 23 months fly for a fare of € 8. Passenger taxes do not apply for infants. Every infant has to be accompanied by an adult passenger. For safety reasons there is a maximum of infants which can be transported on each flight.

Pets may be transported in the luggage hold only. An appropriate cage and the applicable health certificates must be provided by the passengers. Pets are charged at a flat fee of € 25 if their weight including cage does not exceed 10 kg. Pets exceeding the weight of 10 kg are transported at a flat fee of € 40. Passenger taxes do not apply. The pet has to be declared and added to your booking when you make your reservation.

Disabled passengers
Disabled passengers have to advise the assistance they require at the time of the booking. This must be done thru a form found here. For security reasons there is a maximum of disabled passengers on each flight. There are no charges for assistance.

Re-bookings can be made up to 4 days prior to the flights departure at a fee of € 25 per person and way. Only the flight date can be changed. No passenger names or destinations can be changed. Re-bookings can only made with the travel agency were you booked your flight, online by contacting our service center thru the “ask question” facility within your reservation or in one of our travel stores.

Cancellations are not possible under any circumstances. Therefore we highly recommend an insurance covering your losses in the event you are not able to travel. Information is available at travel agencies and insurance agents. Click here to see a list of insurance agencies.

There are no refunds if a passenger does not take the flight for any circumstances.

Changes by the charterer
The charterer does have the right to change flight times or routings at any time. The passenger reserves the right of a cancellation with full refund if the departure or arrival time is changed by more than 12 hours or a flight is completely cancelled. It is the duty of the passenger to check the actual flight times 24 hours prior to its flight on our website by looking up his reservation. Click here to do so.

Payment terms
In the moment each client may reserve a flight but the payments will be due in a few weeks . Then all clients who have made reserevations will be able to confirm and pay it. We will send you a notification e-mail that will inform you when and how you can pay

A general rule after starting to accept payments will be that the amounts due have to be paid within 3 days. After a period of 6 days without receiving the money, reservations are automatically cancelled by our system.
Payments can be done
a) via epay.bg with your Bulgarian debit card
b) by master or visa card thru allpay.pl
c) by bank transfer to our Bulgarian leva account
d) by bank transfer to a local bank account in your country of residence though moneybookers.com.

We do not accept cash payments or payments thru travel agencies under any circumstances.

Status of your booking
You can always check your booking status online. Click here to do so.

Service on board
There are no free meals or drinks on board but whiteair air does offer refreshments and drinks at very competitive prices. Click here to see our on board menu.

The fare includes a total of 20 kg of luggage per passenger except infants. Infant fares do not include any luggage. The total luggage weight is calculated by your hand luggage plus your bags. Hand luggage will be labeled “checked”. Only checked hand luggage is allowed on board. In the event a passenger enters the aircraft without checked hand luggage the luggage will be stored in the luggage compartment and a handling fee of € 25 applies; if the passenger rejects to pay this handling charge the unchecked hand luggage will remain at the departure airport; it will be stored with the handling agent without liability for damages or losses at a fee of € 5 per day and item. Luggage exceeding a total of 20 kg per passenger is currently being charged at € 2 per kg with a minimum charge of € 10. The maximum weight of 1 piece of luggage must not exceed 30 kg by international standards. The hand luggage may not exceed a maximum of 8 kg in total and a size of 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

The first and family name and date of birth entered online when doing the booking must exactly match the data written in Latin letters in your passport or ID. After the booking, no changes are possible for technical reasons. At check in only passengers with exact matching data will be allowed to travel. If you are holding 2 or more first names only the first one needs to be entered. If your surname consists of your fathers name and the family name first your fathers name followed by your family name needs to be entered.

Visa & Travel documents
It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold all required documents such as passport or visa when traveling. Please contact your nearest embassy for detailed information. If you do not hold the required documents and therefore can not enter your destination country or you are refused at check in, you are fully liable for all costs incurred. A refund for unused tickets is not possible.

Children traveling have to be accompanied by an adult passenger who can prove the authorization required. We refuse to board any passengers below 18 years and traveling on their own. A refund for unused tickets is not possible.

Liability of white air
white air is charterer of an aircraft of the airline specified. The liability of white air is limited to failures white air and its staff. white air is not liable for any damages or mistakes caused by third parties such as the airline, the airport or others. Therefore claims on topics like possible delays, diversions or baggage damage have to be addressed to the contractor. Anyhow, white air service team will forward your claims to the responsible contractor and advise you with their contact detail. Claims must be addressed to white air through the mail support within the booking concerned (“my booking” tab on the menu).

Further Conditions
Besides these conditions of the charterer for all unmentioned rules the conditions of the airline which can be found here apply.

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