Whiteairlines.com is a demo website of an airline booking system. These are examples flights, which you can not book for real. For more information visit Webfactory Bulgaria

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You have your own website ?


Why not starting to make some extra income by putting a white air flight-searchbox on your website ?
white air will pay you 3 € per reservation. You just need to copy and paste your affiliate banner code in your website- and off you go making extra income !


And if it comes to be paid off, we will straight send you the money by moneybookers to your account in any currency you need it to be.


The white air affiliate program is open for all website with appropriate content. Of course, having a Bulgarian travel related website will make the most hits and sales .....


So, why wait ? Sign up right now and start immediately.





Want more info?
Here it comes: white air Affiliate Partnership Programme gives you the chance to make money from your Web site. You are always invited to become an Affiliate partner as long as you have Web site and you want your visitors to be able to book the most attractive fares of flights on Balkans. white air offers you FREE membership to its Affiliate Partnership programme, which will enhance your site with the following advantages:
• All of your visitors will be able to book the most competitive prices for flights.
• Extra revenue earning potential as we pay you commission on all payed reservations made from your web page. Our prices guarantee your sucsess!
• Free access to the updated information on your commissions.
• Secure affiliate management system- you are the only one who is allowed to track the data of your Affiliate account by signing in with your e-mail and password
• An excellent opportunity to increase your website traffic and to improve your website search engine ranking

How to become an Affiliate partner?

To become an Affiliate partner you only need to fill our online sign-up form by clicking here. You will immediately receive an automatic e-mail confirming your registration.

Signing in with your e-mail and password gains you an access to our banners and their HTML codes. Ones you made your choice you need to copy the HTML code of the banner prefered and simply paste it into your website. Thereby you visualize it on your page and everytime someone clicks on the banner it directs him to www.whiteair.de. Every payed reservation on our destinations will be credited to your affiliate account with a commission of 3 Euro. Our server automaticaly counts the amount due to you.

The commissions credited to your Affiliate account will be payed monthly/in the month following the reservation payment date/ by the online payment system Moneybookers. The Affiliate partner will receive an e-mail from Moneybookers everytime when white air make commission payments to him. Get more information about Moneybookers by clicking here.   


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