Whiteairlines.com is a demo website of an airline booking system. These are examples flights, which you can not book for real. For more information visit Webfactory Bulgaria


Welcome - catch the spirit of white air

Offering always the best price on the routes we serve is something you can rely on. We will beat every competitors offer.

Making it easier and more affordable to fly from and to the Balkan is not only about making money. It's fun for us to give the big companies a run for their clients. See our Philosophy page to learn more about our ideas.

Bringing people together we do not forget about the people all over the world left behind- suffering from serious diseases or in need of the basics of life. Please see our Charity page for more information on our actions.

But besides having the lowest fares, helping other people and having fun by puttng the big companies in their place- it is very important to us to comply with all national and international safety and maintenance standards. When it comes to safety, no compromise is being made. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight with white air.

To learn more about our company and legal setup and licenses click here.

If you need any additional information just call white air Call center.

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